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TrustRadius is a professional community for sharing candid insights about enterprise technology through in-depth reviews and discussions. Think TripAdvisor for business software.  TrustRadius approached 2020 about recognizing early adopters of their website platform. They wanted to reward people that had become members of TrustRadius and had given good reviews of various enterprise software.



2020 created a multi-tiered recognition website that allowed qualifying members to choose from a variety of award options, provide their shipping information and receive their gift at no charge to the individual. We grouped the purchases of the items, and TrustRadius paid for everything. People received their gifts about six weeks after redeeming them.



From TrustRadius’s perspective, it was a smash hit. They had a very high redemption rate (almost 60% of those who qualified for an award, redeemed one), the award options have been universally well-received (they’ve had positive e-mails sent to them, as well as social-media buzz), and the project came in under budget. From 2020’s perspective, it was successful because of the unique web-platform we designed to manage the orders, the stream-lined fulfillment of the orders, and the healthy GP on the project. Plus, we’ve earned another legacy customer – they’re already talking to us about future business!


TrustRadius is in the very early stages of rolling out its platform. It has high ambitions of becoming the go-to review site for enterprise software. Rewarding their early-adopters with a very nice gift, in a sleek, simple way, is a great early step in garnering attention in the marketplace. They were thrilled.

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