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A large hospital equipment provider was interested in providing an online tool for its nationwide offices and employees where uniforms and support materials could be ordered and accounted for.  The company would subsidize employee uniforms and other products could be charged directly to the employee, to a P-card or to a GL account.  Access and payment methods for products would be restricted by password authorization.  


All product needed to be sourced, stored and fulfilled by 2020. Real time inventory levels for all products needed to be displayed at time of order. Monthly reporting needed to tie back all expenditures to the office and department levels.



2020 created a “Brand Resource Center” linked to their internal employee portal. It offers a wide variety of product and resources used by their employees regularly. Examples are:

uniform polos, medical scrubs, product collateral, tags, labels, business cards, stationary, HR forms, Accounting forms, and more. 250 different print sku’s are available to order in addition to apparel and specialty products. PDF images of printed collateral are available should immediate access be needed for local printing or inclusion in a digital communication. Much of the printed product needed to be recreated as prior suppliers did not manage the digital art archive. All new files are archived and available for reuse or edit. Access to management and HR level resources are authorized based upon password sign on. Reporting is extensive, highly customized and current.



The new environment works well with little administrative support necessary. The new printed product was sourced by 2020 at approximately a 10% hard savings to the customer. The Brand Resource Center allows employees self-service access to the tools they need to conduct business. From the customer’s standpoint, “it runs itself as it should”.

Brand Resource Center Case Study

By systematizing the process of how brand support materials are sourced, accessed and utilized, you gain brand control and flawless excecution.

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