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A large healthcare provider network needed a way to recognize individual consumers who successfully qualify for their fitness challenge.  They wanted to provide each person with something that would have visible “trophy value” in that it was earned and not available to everyone. In addition they wanted to insure that their brand was prominently and positively presented as an ongoing reminder of their sponsorship.  They needed to source the qualifying “reward”, enable a way for a consumer to order while verifying they qualified without being able to order more than once.  They wanted the products shipped within a short timeframe and delivered to individual residences.  Lastly, they needed to be able to do it all on a relatively small budget.



2020 made recommendations for products and designs that would achieve the intended objective of the incentive.  The chosen award was sourced in large quantity and shipped directly to 2020’s distribution center. An ordering process was designed where an email to the qualifying participant contained a redemption code and a direct link to an ordering site where the consumer could select sizes, colors, etc. as needed.  Orders were then staged and shipped in bulk using UPS mail innovations to reduce the delivery cost to the residence.  Order history was available online for the consumer and used for budget reconciliation and reporting for the customer.



Since its inception some 50,000 consumer orders have been processed and fulfilled successfully.  Order batches have run from 8-12,000 and delivered within a two week window.  The challenge reward has proven popular with consumers and has served to build the awareness of the “Fitness Challenge” program as well as the customer’s brand.


As the program enters its fourth year we are poised to deliver an additional 20,000 awards.

Incentive programs reward and motivate your best customers, lure back inactive ones‚ or engage new ones.

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Incentive Program Case Study