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Corporate Uniform Program Case Study

Uniforms are the the most immediate interface with the consumer and may be their first impression of your brand.  Employees in uniform are attributed with more professionalism and competency.



A Northwest based group of elder care facilities wanted to implement a standardized uniform program. Within the program they had defined desired workwear for each job type within their facilities. Each department within the facilities had the ability to choose their own color palette and style of garment. Targeted price points for each uniform piece needed to be maintained. Purchases would be subsidized by the corporate office with additional purchases paid for by the individual facilities.



After an extensive process of apparel selection, coordinating with 11 major facilities and headquarters, the program was launched servicing over 1,500 employees. A webstore supporting subsequent and additional purchases is in place with the inclusion of specialty gifts and products.



Each facility has implemented the program, maintaining an individual and distinct look while still establishing a professional and consistent brand identity. The customer is very pleased with the service they have received and the results of the program to date.


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